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In the Interviews Section, the reader will find polemical interviews with Artistic Directors, professors and dancers. We look forward to publishing further such interviews by any of our readers who may wish to contribute. But they must have something to say.

This Web Page was first established at Paris on December 31st 2002. It is dedicated, not in name alone, but in substance, to Auguste Vestris, the revolutionary professor of the early 19th Century, from whose classes emerged Carlo Blasis, Jules Perrot and Auguste Bournonville, all men of genius. Its purpose, is to encourage informed debate over the technique and aesthetics of classical ballet, an art form which is, at the present time, in severe decline

When first launched in the year 2002, the Essay Section held only pieces by the author of the present Introduction, many of which had originally appeared on two Websites ( and BalletAlert), and in the journals "DANCE NOW" and IBYKUS. There are now a number of papers by other writers, and further contributions are gratefully received. They will be read by a small Committee, and essays containing technical points that, not being a professional dancer, I lack the competence to assess, will be read by persons who are. Suitable papers will then be posted in the relevant Section. We regret to say that we can propose no remuneration.

In December 2004, the theatre photographer David Amzallag very generously presented the Photography Section with a remarkable series of black-and-white studies of Bournonville. We should be most grateful to any other photographers willing to contribute free of charge. Their name and contact details will be indicated.

I would ask you to submit any contributions, comments or criticism by email. Essays may be forwarded in any European language, including Russian; should no translator be available, you will be advised and a solution will be found.

Finally, please note that these pages are Copyright. However, they may be quoted and extracts reproduced, provided that "Vestris" be acknowledged. Signed photographs however, remain the property of the photographer.

Katharine Kanter, Editor