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  1. Sites related to Auguste Bournonville (in English, unless otherwise stated)
    The site of the Festival at Copenhagen in 2005, to mark the bicentennial of Auguste Bournonville's birth.
    Official Bournonville site, set up in 2001.
    International Bartholin Seminar at Copenhagen, summer courses in Bournonville and other techniques

    Official site of the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen (in English)
    Artistic Director of the Royal Ballet, Copenhagen
    Thomas Lund, principal of the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen
    Historian and musicologist Knud Arne Juergensen (in Danish)
    Vera Volkova (English)

  2. Russian Sites
    With many essay-length articles. Edited by V. Uralskaya (English and Russian)
    (English and Russian)
    Maryinskii Theatre, Saint Petersburg, (in English)
    Official site of the Vaganova School in Saint Petersburg, (in Russian only)
    Official site of the Bolshoi Theatre, (in English)
    A site devoted to Professor Natalia Dudinskaya (in English)
    Webpage on Charles Didelot, the French ballet master, posted on the site, (in English)
    Site of the Flemish historian Marc Haegeman. Fascinating portraits of the great Russian artists

  3. French sites
    Official site of the Paris Opera
    Centre de Danse du Maris, open classes seven days a week 365 days a year
    Open classes
    (French and English)

  4. American sites
    THE WINGER was created by US dancers "in an effort to help promote and popularize dance by connecting the audience to the artists in a personal and meaningful way, and opening up conversation within the site. Our hope is that the information shared will educate more people about dance as an artform and as a lifestyle".
    Ballet Dictionary of the American Ballet Theatre (click, and the step will appear, demonstrated by a member of ABT)
    New York City Ballet home page
    Willis Ballet home page
    Kenneth Laws' Physics of Dance

  5. Spain
    Webpages on Maria de Avila, the Spanish professor, on the Zaragoza Town Hall website

  6. Enrico Cecchetti
    Cecchetti Society official site

  7. General Websites
    A British-based site, directed by Bruce Marriott.
    An American-based site

  8. Libraries/Books
    Dance Books' own catalogue, including film, is very extensive, and they will search out-of-print and other publishers' items
    Said to be the greatest collection of dance material including film, in the world
    Royal Library Copenhagen, one of the world's major collections of 19th century scientific and other works. Large dance collection
    Bibliothèque-musée (library and museum) of the Paris Opera, at Opéra Garnier. Open six days a week from 10 am to 5 pm

  9. Those feet again
    Do not laugh. This is the site of the Gaynor Minden pointe shoe, and there is, so to speak, foot for thought here (see the Site's essays on orthopaedics)

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