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Photo Gallery

In order to comply with Copyright regulations, the Webpage In the Name of Auguste Vestris would normally have to purchase stills for its Gallery. Since it cannot, at the present time, afford to do so, the Webmaster would be most grateful to any photographers, whether amateur or professional, who would be so generous as to donate photographs, preferably black-and-white, such as might provide suitable illustration to the Page's contents.

Thus, any photographs reproduced here, have been donated, for purposes of publication, either by the photographers themselves, or by the Press Service in various institutions.

Photo Gallery "La Sylphide" by David Amzallag
December 2004

Photo Gallery "Bournonville Ballets" by David Amzallag
December 2004

(See for excellent reproductions of portraits of Vestris père et fils, and an essay by Martin Postle, former Curator at the Tate.)

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